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Olivier Pollet

Director - Producer - Writer - Narrator - Camera

Canning Paradise director and producer, Olivier Pollet, is a young French journalist and independent documentary filmmaker, passionate about human rights, the environment and development issues. His love for travelling and exploring different cultures started at a very young age, having lived in 6 different countries and lucky enough to have visited more than 30 accross Europe, North and Central America, the Middle-East, Asia and the Pacific . He started studying history and anthropology in Paris before moving to Australia in 2006. After completing his degree in journalism at the University of Technology in Sydney, Olivier embarked on the “Canning Paradise” adventure in order to shed some light on the huge social and environmental impact that the tuna industry has in the Pacific. It marked his debut as a filmmaker. 
He is a former honorary research associate with the Australian Centre For Independent Journalism.

Alexandre Berman

Associate Producer - Film Editor

Alexandre Berman is a young French film editor based in Paris, France. It is while studying literature and the arts in his early years, that he began his journey through the world of moving pictures. His first steps included working as a production assistant for the feature film “Goodbye Bafana”. Then, after directing a first short film, he started working as an assistant editor by joining Costa Gavras KG Productions team, where he spent two years working on feature films. Ever since, he has been a film editor whose work includes various formats such as news, commercials, music videos, live shows, shorts and now documentary. He is passionate about storytelling in its many ways and forms and shares Olivier’s love for travelling and getting to know different cultures across the world.

Mathew Mytka

Assistant Director

Mathew Mytka is an entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia. After completing his degree in Communications at UTS he went on to start his own business delivering solutions in design and marketing communications. During this time he also worked on a variety of creative projects including community based art workshops and festivals, and a creative warehouse space in the industrial suburb of Marrickville, Sydney. While sharing his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and marketing with students at MnM Institute in Sydney, he is developing a startup in the field of personal data ownership and the decentralized internet. 

Having a love for all things creative, a guerrilla attitude towards social change and an unrelenting desire for economic, social and political justice Mathew is sure to work on more films and projects that make waves in the future.

Tormod Spencer Austad


Spencer completed his Journalism degree in 2010 at University of Technology, Sydney, where he met Olivier. Since “Canning Paradise”, Spencer has been working freelance in broadcast and digital media. Work include editing a documentary series for National Geographic, filming and editing a web series for Red Bull as well as co-editing on a Cannes Bronze Lion winning informercial for Air New Zealand. Spencer is currently engaged in a new independent documentary project where he fills several different roles such as videographer, producer and editor.


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